Interested in AUTOSAR benefits and drawbacks?

At GESSI, we are conducting a project to investigate the development and maintenance of software products based on architecture standards. Since AUTOSAR is the standard for automotive software, we started a study about AUTOSAR benefits and drawbacks in the 6th AUTOSAR Open Conference in Munich (Germany). We are inviting AUTOSAR stakeholders (OEMs, ECUs suppliers, tool providers and developers) to participate in this study.

The participation in this study involves filling in a 2-questions online survey that will take less than 10 minutes of your time. The questionnaire is available in English at:

The online survey can be performed anonymously or providing personal data. If you want to receive a summary of early results as participant, provide an e-mail. All information provided will be treated confidentially. Your input is very much appreciated, and will provide important guidance for the study!!

To ensure the participation of as many as possible current AUTOSAR partners, the survey will be open until February 28th, noon (PST), 2015.  It would be great if you could provide us with your input before then. In addition, we would appreciate if you could suggest to your colleagues to also participate in this study.

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