Prospective Students

New PhD position in the intersection of Data Engineering (DE) and sustainable Software Engineering (SE) for Machine Learning (ML) systems about Data preparation pipelines for ensuring quality attributes of ML systems (e.g., relevance and energy efficiency).

Do you want to undertake a BSc/MSc final project under my supervision?

Do you want to do a TFG or TFM on topics about software engineering or AI engineering? The GESSI research group is constantly seeking for undergraduate and master students that are interested in participating actively in our research lines. Collaboration may take the form of a final project (either degree, diploma or master), an Introduction to Research subject, or eventually some grant or contract that may be available. Also students are encouraged to proactively propose some GESSI member the opportunity to apply for a grant (e.g., University grants, or Beques de Col.laboració), check the appropriate web pages at UPC, etc. Students willing to make a PhD are particularly welcome.

Contact me if your interests fall into any of these areas: Empirical software engineering, Software engineering for AI/ML-based systems, Big Data for software analytics and non-functional requirements, Engineering practices for Data Science projects, Chess software. If you have a project idea related to the mentioned areas, please email me at silverio dot martinez at upc dot edu , alternatively you can have a look at the final year projects (TFG/TFM) currently available and contact me or colleagues if any is of interest.

Do you want to arrange a research visit?

I am happy to host research visits at UPC. Please contact me at least 6 months in advance to avoid disappointment. For a research visit longer than 3 months, a research proposal should be submitted. Feel free to get in touch for discussing possible projects.

Do you want to undertake a PhD at UPC under my supervision?

Identify a topic of mutual interests and prepare a research proposal. As part of your application you are required to submit a research proposal and get in touch with a potential supervisor. Therefore, if you are interested in working with me, please contact me before applying in order to discuss possible projects and check whether I would be available and able to take on a new student. To this end, please, e-mail me:

  • A paragraph explaining why you want me to be your supervisor and the proposed project/topic.
  • A paragraph about you and your professional interests.
  • A paragraph about any research experience you acquired during your undergraduate/graduate degree (if applicable).
  • Your CV (include a description of your previous graduate work and include PDFs of your thesis and your publications if any).

Note that PhD applicants should have a strong background in computer science or software engineering research (or a related field).